Special Camper

For those who love touring tourism it is a must to stop in our area, to visit the nuraghe of Barumini (UNESCO heritage), the most important archaeological site of the island, the charming centers of the interior, which still preserve the rural architecture typical of traditional court houses with arched loggias and refined entrance portals and especially the Giara, an uncontaminated place where time seems to stop and where the last wild horses of Europe live free. Since 1997 the company Jara has been an intermediary for those who want to know these suggestive corners of Sardinia and "campers" are often among them.

Our company has encouraged the creation of a "Camper Service" in the municipality of Tuili and to date a foothold is operative for campers visiting our area. In the Camper service, it is possible to load and unload the water at a cost of € 6.00, use the electric column for € 1 every 6 hours and free parking. For information, reservations and to take advantage of the Camper Service, it is advisable to contact our company directly at number 070/9364277 or 348/2924983. For campers who choose to visit the Giara with us, we will offer an aperitif based on typical local products.


A wonderful corner of Sardinia for unforgettable excursions

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