Sardinia in Miniature

In the countryside of Tuili, 2 km from the Nuraghe of Barumini and 7 from the Giara, there is the Sardinia in Miniature , one of the most visited attractions in the area, especially by schoolchildren and local people. Inside the "Sardegna in Miniatura" park, extending over an area of 50,000 square meters, there are several sections, one of which is the one dedicated to miniatures, where there are about 50 miniatures made with real skill on a reduced scale, representing some among the most important monuments of our island. Another section is that of the "nuragic" pavilion, a real-sized reconstruction of a nuragic village, with huts furnished with objects and mannequins.

Interesting is the visit to "MusA the Museum of Astronomy", a pavilion entirely dedicated to the fascinating exhibition "Journey to Space", where you can, for the first time in Sardinia, observe the wonders of the universe and how much man is been able to do in the field of conquest of space. This project aims to make the visitor experience a unique and evocative experience, with scientific references. At the end of the exhibition, you will live an unforgettable experience immersing yourself in the immensity of space thanks to the majestic "planetarium", unique in Sardinia to be able to offer full dome dome and high resolution, with its impressive dome of almost 11 meters.
Since 2016 there is an extraordinary journey with the Dinosaurs that thanks to sophisticated animatronic techniques are able to move, breathe, observe, roar ... in short, live! The opportunity therefore to be able to retrace the scenarios of 250 million years ago to discover these incredible prehistoric giants. For the season 2017 the Dinosaur Park has been enriched with other prehistoric species with the fascinating exhibition on the Ice Age.

News 2018 "Nature Park"

An oasis in the oasis, inside the miniature Sardinia park, inside a laminated structure with large glazed surfaces of almost 1,000 square meters, it will be possible to take a trip in a real tropical forest, to discover animal species and plants with unexpected shapes and colors. The "NATURE PARK" will allow you to live a unique experience of environmental sustainability education, accompanying the charm of nature to the direct learning of the delicate balances that regulate coexistence in our planet. The route, after a brief introduction to the theme, modulated according to the age of the boys, will immediately enter into the live with the section of the large aquariums where we could literally immerse ourselves in a river of the rainforest through an underwater tunnel, unique in Sardinia, privileged position for the observation of the behavior of the fauna that inhabit these watercourses ... we will continue with the big 7 meters long piranha tank characterized by a mangrove forest ... to then find ourselves in the new great biosphere, where Camaleonti, Iguane, turtles, brightly colored frogs, giant insects with unexpected shapes, will frame a path that will help awaken our ecological consciousness and awareness of how important it is to defend and protect the Earth ecosystem.


A wonderful corner of Sardinia for unforgettable excursions

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